What is a Doula?

A doula is a special someone who supports women, their partners & families before, during labour, and during the post-partum period after the birth of their babies.

During pregnancy, they help their client to explore what their vision is for the child’s birth; during labour they provide continuous emotional and physical support, and after birth they provide support adjusting to life with a baby.

As an additional support to your partner, or as your sole support, having a doula at your birth has shown huge benefits including;

  • generally shorter labours
  • fewer complications
  • reduced needs for medical intervention such as pitocin, forceps, vacuum extraction or c-sections
  • higher success with breastfeeding
  • greater self-confidence as new parents
  • reduced likelihood of postpartum depression

Doula’s can also be of huge benefit during the post-partum period to help your family adjust to life at home with a baby. A doula may assist you with feeding (either breast or bottle), educating you on baby-care, offering helpful tips & assisting with light housework while you recover and nurture your baby.

The best part about having a doula present during your labour & birth or in the post-partum period is we are judgement free! We will offer you evidence based information if you are unsure of a choice you need to make, but we let you make the choices on what is best for you and your family and will support you and your wishes.

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