My Role

As a doula, my role is to help you to experience the type of birth YOU want to experience from a non-medical side. I am able to provide resources on various options available throughout different stages of labour so you can make the choices that are best for you!

I will work alongside your other support people and the advice of your care provider (Doctor and/or Midwife) to assist you in this life changing event.

Doulas are different from Midwives or Nurses as I would provide continuous care to you (there are no shift change-overs or scheduled breaks for me while you are in labour) and I do not perform any medical procedures. I only provide support to one woman in labour at a time. My entire focus is on you and your emotional needs during birth while your care provider ensures your baby’s and your physical health. My role is not to replace or step in for your partner, but to support you or you both with my training and experience of child birth.

Before your baby is due I will meet with you to guide you through your ideal childbirth experience, learning your desires, your fears and your overall vision. We will work together to create a birth plan while exploring research-based information on areas you are not sure on.

Only you know what type of birth you envision and what is best for you, I will not pressure you to have a particular type of birth. We will discuss your partner’s support role during labour and how I can support them through the process as well.

As your due date approaches I will be on-call for support to you 24 hours a day. When your labour starts you will decide when you are ready for me to arrive to assist you. I will meet you either at your home or at the hospital. I will support you for your entire labour until your baby arrives.

After your baby is born I will remain with you for 1-2 hours after to assist you with the baby’s first feeding and assist you with anything you may like before you have visitors or get settled as a new family.

Once you and your baby are recovering at home I will come over for one last home-visit to go over your birth with you and answer any questions you may have. Usually these visits are scheduled at your request after your birth, but I do recommend seeing you within the first two weeks!

If you would like continued post-partum support I will work with you and your family to support you as you adjust to life at home with a baby. What each client needs when they get home is very different so we will work closely together to plan what your support will look like.