“I was so happy to be paired with Michelle as my Doula . From our first conversation , I got a good vibe, and it only improved from there. She was very pro active , with setting up meetings asking me how I wanted things to go. She was always there when I needed her a call or text away. She really knows her stuff and have recently gone through it her self she could totally relate. My labour  went well. She was so supportive always by my side and massaging my back… she never left my side. She went above and beyond her duty , I felt safe and supported. She worked well with my midwives and I would recommend her with high regards.”

Previous Client


“Your constant presence and dedication was incredible valuable”



“We are so happy we hired a doula for the birth of our baby! She was so thoughtful and was always making us feel good (physically and emotionally)”

Previous Client


She is a great support and is very knowledgeable”

L&D Nurse


“Great help with an anxious client. Very reassuring & calm demeanor”



Excellent with both mom & dad, enjoyed working together with you Michelle”




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