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Thank you for visiting Happy Bellies and Babies –

Doula services offered for Mississauga and area!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. After a high risk pregnancy and delivery of a very premature (29 weeks) daughter, Michelle’s support was unparalleled. Michelle supported me before, during, and after several “firsts”, such as going to the zoo, out for lunch and to the mall. Although these outings seem normal, it was very stress endusing as a mom of a preemie, especially during flu season. Michelle helped me plan what I would need for the outing and trouble shoot any possible obstacles. After the outing she made me feel like I overcame something and did a great thing for me and my daughter. She was eager to help me do laundry, take the baby when I needed a great, and just antipasted what I needed without having to ask her.

    I truly appreciated the time Michelle spent with my daughter and I, and would recommend her to anyone looking for souls support!


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